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The 5 Primary Categories of Excavating Services You Need to Know

The 5 categories of excavating services you will likely need and provide a sample list of services that fall into each category.


Excavation is the most fundamental part of any large-scale construction project but is also one of the most widely misunderstood.

Using an excavator’s services is versatile enough to be applicable in a wide range of situations.

The widespread misunderstanding regarding excavation work is that all it entails is digging a hole in the ground with a shovel. The excavation work that needs to be done for your construction project might need to be done by contractors with expertise in several different subfields of excavation.

Experts like Dunn Excavation Mentor have a vast knowledge of providing excavating services. It will be determined by the particular specifications of the excavation project you want to finish.

Whether excavating a drainage system, a basement, or a road does not make a difference: you need to ensure that the excavating services provider you hire has the experience and expertise necessary to complete the job.

As an excavation company in Mentor, OH, we provide a range of services that fall into each of these different options for excavating services. Let’s take a look at the many different options for excavating services that are currently available.

What Kind of Excavation Services Do You Need?

There are numerous subspecialties within the field of excavation. The following three characteristics distinguish these categories:

  • The kind of construction project being undertaken
  • The reason for the excavation work
  • The types of materials that are to be dug up

A professional excavation contractor can determine the necessary equipment when these factors are figured out. The appropriate techniques to use to finish it.

It is helpful to understand the various types of excavating services available if you need to dig and move construction materials to build your structure, install underground pipes, or create a road.

This knowledge will make it easier to determine the kind of excavating service work required for your project.

Although you can always consult the contractors you will hire, it is always better to be well-informed about these topics to make decisions that are informed by your knowledge.


Land Clearing

Have you recently purchased a large plot of land and need land-clearing services so that you can build a house? Have you been the owner of the land for a while but only recently decided to clean it up?

You can hire a land clearing service that primarily aims to prepare a site by removing trees, stumps, vegetation, and any other debris on the surface. This process is typically carried out by an excavation or tree removal company that specializes in the industry and is equipped with the necessary tools to carry out the work in a manner that is both effective and safe.

Land clearing aims to rid the property of any debris or vegetation that may be undesirable to the owner or obstruct the beginning or completion of their construction project. It can be accomplished by cutting down or removing vegetation and debris.

Your land can be immediately cleared by Dunn Excavation Mentor, regardless of the project you have in mind. Dunn Excavation Mentor places the same importance on the customers’ land as theirs.

Do you have many trees or bushes you don’t want growing on your property?

Dunn Excavation Mentor is a contractor specializing in excavation, so removing those plants from your property won’t be a problem. After the construction, we will gladly level and grade your land according to the customer’s requirements.

If land clearing is a service you require and this sounds like something you might be interested in, don’t hesitate to contact Dunn Excavation Mentor about it!

Water Line Installation

excavating services

This particular kind of excavating service involves cutting directly down over each pipe (or the location for a new pipe), which reveals the pipe so that it can be inspected, replaced, or repaired.

It may be as easy as backfilling the area and covering it with sod, but this will depend on the size of the place that needs to be excavated.

In more difficult projects, you may have to cut concrete and refill the space with compacted stone or sand to prevent it from settling.

Gravel Driveway

excavating services

Gravel driveways provide the utmost versatility because you can easily change the appearance of your driveway to accommodate changing fashions or your unique preferences.

Remembering this when sourcing gravel driveway ideas or assessing the driveway gravel options is important. Working with a team familiar with the area and with experience in completing resilient projects is also important.

Your brand-new gravel driveway can be constructed with the help of Dunn Excavation! Regardless of the length of your driveway, Dunn Excavation Mentor can provide you with a solution to your mud problem!

As an excavating contractor in Mentor, Dunn Excavation wants to make your life as simple and stress-free as possible!

In addition, Dunn Excavation Mentor places a high value on our customers and would be ecstatic to have the opportunity to impact your life significantly.

Demolition Services

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The removal or destruction of an entire residential structure, down to its flooring, is called residential demolition.

As a result, the contractors will not preserve any component of the residential building’s superstructure while working on it. In this context, “superstructure” refers to the portion of the building or structure above the basement or foundation.

Do you plan to demolish one structure while reconstructing the other? This Dunn Excavation can handle any job, no matter how big the house or how small the task!

Dunn Excavation goes to great lengths to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services and would be happy to demolish any buildings or interior space you require. First and foremost, if you are interested in our demolition services, contact us as soon as possible!

Stock Pond Service

A stock pond is a specific kind usually created by humans and is “stocked” with fish. It means a fish population was brought into the pond and allowed to grow there over time.

The company prides itself on being the most reputable excavation contractor in Mentor. As such, it works hard to fulfill all of the requirements and wishes of its clients regarding their properties. As an excavation contractor, we are responsible for ensuring that the customer’s stock pond lives up to their expectations and that the water within the pond is kept safe.

Dunn Excavation strives to go above and beyond the requirements of our jobs to ensure that each of our clients is satisfied with the work we do for them. Give Dunn Excavation a ring if you want a stock pond constructed for your animals!



Construction projects can vary greatly from one another. As a result, your excavation work might require more than one target or more than one type of material to be dug up.

Work should only be done with professionals.

You must collaborate with a Dunn Excavation Mentor who can point you in the right direction and help you succeed.

A professional contractor will have the appropriate excavation strategies, equipment, and expertise to meet your requirements, regardless of the size of the construction project or the scope of the development being undertaken.

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